New Construction

M. Abraham offers a huge variety of flooring and tile products perfect for your new home. Engineered and hard wood, porcelean and glass tile, marble, carpet, laminate, vinyl and more. Our professional designers and installers will help you customize your dream home.

New Construction


One of the most important decisions any new construction or custom built home owner will face is what type of flooring materials to install. Our designers will help you select the right flooring for intended use, foot traffic and aestetics.



Made from natural or manufactured fibers, carpet is the most comfortable flooring surface to walk and stand on. Carpeting helps to insulate a room as the fibers are able to retain heat. Carpeting can also help to quiet a loud room by absorbing sound.


Cost effective and durable, laminate can mimic a large variety or materials, textures and surfaces and allows the homeowner to create or match almost any desired design theme.


Ceramic, porcelain or natural stone, tile is a popular flooring option for the entire home thanks to its durability, elegance and variety. Tile is ideal for high moisture environments and perfect for heavy traffic areas.

Engineered & Hard woods

A timeless classic that excels at providing both style and durability. Hardwood is also proven to increase a home’s resale value.


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Our team is always here to answer your questions and fulfill your needs. We look forward to working with you.

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