Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is the first step to take before the application of any flooring.  Proper surface preparation ensures a proper bond to the flooring and extends your floor’s strength, durability, and aesthetics.

Surface Preparation Considerations

We determine the surface preparation option that works best with your flooring. For both commercial and industrial flooring, we consider the following factors:

Surface Type

Concrete, aluminum, metal, or steel

Facility Environment

The areas temperature, moisture levels, traffic, & schedule

Coating Selection

Adherence with manufacturers specifications

State of Contamination

Surfaces must be clean and free of dirt, rust, chemicals, grease, oil, paint, or any other contaminants

Moisture Mitigation

We test for moisture before going to work. If the moisture is excessive, we will provide a quick mitigation program – which will avoid the risks of mold and future flooring failures.

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